In addition to our generous assortment of vitamins, herbals, and other supplemental nutritional products, we carry these specialty formulation lines:

Ananda Professional

We carry premium CBD products from Ananda Professional including THC-free tincture. Ananda Professional products are only available through independent pharmacies and are derived form premium whole flower hemp and cultivated without harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. The THC-free tincture contains 600 mg of active cannabinoids and terpenes for a potent blend. Volunteer Pharmacy only carries the best products for our patients and we stand behind our products.

THC-free is ideal for retired military, competing athletes, sports organizations, pilots and more. Talk to one of our pharmacists for more information.


If You Want Results, Look No Further.

Every day, more and more practitioners and their patients choose XYMOGEN. Xymogen is a trusted, experienced company that provides only the highest quality ingredients at effective levels and in well-researched combinations.

Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations

Results are the most important ingredients in Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations. These special dietary supplements and vitamins for stress are designed to nourish and support your body’s own health-building processes to produce deeply beneficial results in a safe way that promotes stress relief and adrenal support. And because we realize how critical ingredient purity, potency and form are to effectiveness, we will never compromise on quality. Only the finest vitamins, minerals, glandular extracts and herbs are included in our supplements.